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We offer medically supervised weight loss that includes diet and fitness programs that are customized for each patient during the initial consultation. No membership fees, co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance cost. These are often barriers. We do not accept insurance. Cash only. HSA/FSA accepted.

After your initial visit, each month includes a follow up with a certified nurse practitioner. We offer monthly prescriptions for FDA-approved weight loss medication, exercise recommendations, nutritional counseling, and comprehensive health history. After collecting a complete medical history, we will review current medications and focused exams to ensure your personalized weight loss plan is both safe and effective.

We prescribe various FDA-APPROVED medications for weight loss which include: Wegovy, Contrave, Phentermine, Qysmia and other off-label medications. FDA approved medications require you to have a BMI 27kg/ or higher.

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Duration: 20 minutes
Cost: $50

Initial Prescription Program Visit

Cost: $150
Features: Detailed history, Body measurement, Vital signs, Discuss medication options, Dietary modifications, Exercise regimen.
Behavioral modification that works for your lifestyle Individualized plan

NB: Copy of recent labs (within 30 days) or we will order labs with LabCorp. Lab order will be ordered on your initial visit. Prescription cost varies and IS NOT included in the price of the initial visit

Follow up visit

Duration: 20 minutes
Cost: $50
Frequency: Every four (4) weeks
Agenda: Discuss effectiveness of medications, dietary behavior and physical activity routines, body measurements and vital signs. Prescription cost varies and is not included in price. Refills will be ordered during follow up visit.

Vitamins/Nutritional Supplements

Impact Weight Loss is affiliated with Shaklee. Shaklee Corporation opened for business in 1956 by Dr Forrest Shaklee. The mission of Shaklee is to provide a healthier and better life for everyone. The products are free of artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals. Every single one of the products is gluten free. For more information :
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Weight Loss with Semaglutide (Wegovy)

4-Week Weight Loss Program

Cost: $400
Features: Includes 4 weeks of semaglutide injections, nutritional counseling and 24/7 support. Includes all visits, medications, and supplies

12-Week Weight Loss Program

Cost: $1200
Features: Includes 12 weeks of semaglutide injections, nutritional counseling and 24/7 support. Includes all visits, medications, and supplies.

LipoB12 injections along with weekly semaglutide to further enhance fat loss.

Injection Program

Cost: $30 per injection
Features: Enhance weight loss, Given at weekly intervals, Provides natural energy boost, Vitamin B12 is linked to increased energy, accelerated metabolism of carbohydrates, enhanced thought processes, improved mood, healthy skin hair and nails. Recommended weekly, Vitamins and Nutritional Services, Vitamins, Minerals, nutritional supplements.